Position Title:

Program Manager - Units & Staffing

Department/Cost Center


Date Available:


Interviewing Manager:

Jennifer Clark, Program Director


Position Status: (Circle One)

Full Time            Part Time            Temporary

Status:  Salaried/Exempt
Position Reports to:                                Jennifer Clark, Program Director
Oversee the day-to-day operations of Kids First of Florida non-judicial program units involving non-judicial case review and staffing information; supervise prevention activities in the community. In cooperation with the CPO and Program Director, participate as part of the overall leadership team and provide supervision of program staff.
Minimum Qualifications:
Education Required:  Bachelor’s degree in Social Work, Psychology or related field.

Preferred: Masters degree in counseling, social work, or related field from an accredited college or university

Experience Three years post bachelor’s  degree working in a child welfare setting

Two (2) years management and supervisory experience

Skills -Strong interpersonal, communication, public speaking and presentation skills

-Ability to communicate positively with directors, managers, supervisors, staff and clients

-Ability to effectively negotiate solutions to problems and promote a sense of resolution to conflicts

Specialized Training, Licensure, Certification Child Protection Certification required, Level 2 background screening, active Florida Driver’s license with responsible driving record; proof of insurance
Supervision Exercised Child Safety Management Coordinator; FSC Supervisor-FAST Unit;  FSC PNA;  FTC Coordinator; Administrative Assistant
Primary Job Functions

  • Direct, administer and coordinate all assigned program activities.  Ensure all activities are carried out in compliance with local, state and federal regulations, laws governing business operations, agency policy, board objectives and COA standards
  • Participate in the planning, programming, budgeting and implementation of agency programs as well as program goals and objectives
  • Analyze agency resources and capabilities and make recommendations pertaining to programs/services.
  • Oversee and assist with the operation of the non-judicial units
  • Review non-judicial staffing packets
  • Serve as one of the KFF Safety Practice experts-review Safety Plans on non-judicial cases for sufficiency
  • Oversee all KFF prevention/diversion activities in the community and PNA reports



  • Ensure programs meet quality assurance (QA) baseline standards and operate in a fiscally responsible manner.  Ensure the review and monitoring of case files for both internal and external QA standards
  • Assist with the development, implementation and compliance with policies and procedures to ensure quality services are provided in a timely and efficient manner
  • Ensure accurate and timely information flow to all parties involved
  • Ensure all reporting staff complete all documentation and reports in a professional and timely manner
  • Ensure the proper employment, direction, supervision, evaluation and compensation for all program staff and the provision of relevant staff orientation, training, and staff development opportunities
  • Attend regular, individual, group staff  and community meetings as required
Periodic Job Functions

  • Attend in-service training programs, staff development and professional workshops, as required to upgrade skills and knowledge

·        Participate in quality improvement process, manager meetings and other committees

·        Perform travel in relation to the above activities

·        Complete required reports such as leave attendance, travel, etc.

·        Complete other reports as assigned



PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS:  (R=Required  P=Preferred)

Sitting  _R__ Standing  _R__  Walking  _P__   Lifting  _P___   Carrying __P_

Kneeling  ____  Pushing/Pulling  ____   Bending/Stooping  ____  Climbing  ____   Reaching  _P__  Crawling/Crouching  ____ Grasping  ____  Turning  ____  Repetitive Motions  ____  Color Recognition  ____  Depth Perception  ____  Reading  __R__  Hearing  __R__  Other (describe) ____

HAZARDS:  (X=Potential Exposure)

Proximity to moving mechanical parts  __X__ Electrical current  __X__

Toxic or caustic chemicals  ____  Radiation  ____ Biohazards (airborne or contact)  ____  Housekeeping and/or cleaning agents  ____  Flammable, explosive gases  ____ Human-borne pathogens  ____ Other: Client Home Visitation __X__

SKILL REQUIREMENTS:  (R=Required  P=Preferred)

Drive motor vehicle _R__ Prepare food ____  Lift __P__ (State weight __50 lbs.) Typing/Keyboard __R__  Word processing software __R__  Data base software __R__  Spreadsheet software __R__  Other software ____  Calculator __P__  Operate office machines __R__ (Fax, Copier) Verbal communication (including telephone) __R__  Written communication (including composition) __R__  Public speaking/group presentations  __R__  Team-oriented and collaborative interpersonal relationships __R__  Respectful client relationships __R__  Client assessment and evaluation __R_  Retrieve and compile information __R__  Verify data __R__  Maintain records __R__ Organize and prioritize information _R___  Analyze and interpret information __R__  Investigate, evaluate and recommend action  __R__  Basic mathematical concepts (add, subtract, multiply, divide) __R__  Advanced mathematical concepts (fractions, decimals, ratios, percentages, graphs) __P__  Abstract mathematical concepts (interpolation, inference, frequency, reliability, formulas, equations, statistics) __P_  Reasoning and logic __P__  Sensitivity to service population’s cultural and socioeconomic characteristics   R    Leadership/Supervisory __R__  Other (describe) ____