Emergency Procurement Request for Proposal

September 1, 2021



Kids First of Florida (KFF) currently provides in house case management services. In an effort to maintain ongoing services to children and families and to minimize any disruptions KFF is seeking an outside provider to contract with for judicial case management service in Clay County.  KFF is seeking responses to an Emergency Procurement (EP) from established case management agencies currently in a contractual relationship for case management services with Community Based Care Agencies (CBC) throughout the State of Florida.  This document serves as an invitation for your agency to submit a response to KFF’s EP for case management services.


The purpose of this EP is to enable KFF to enter into a contract to provide foster care and related services pursuant to §§ 409.988 and 409.986, F.S. and prevention services, while ensuring each child’s safety, wellbeing, and permanency. The cost reimbursement, sub-recipient contract awarded related to responses received from this EP will be for case management services in Clay County and the awarded contract will be effective October 15, 2021 through June 30, 2024. KFF, at its discretion, will conduct a more extensive Request for Proposal process at a later date, but reserves the right to extend any contract awarded from this EP to continue the relationship with the chosen service provider.


Proposals are to be submitted to Kevin Davidson, at Kevin.Davidson@FirstinClay.org , by September 21, 2021 and must outline the provider’s plan for meeting the program requirements outlined below.  The proposal should demonstrate how the respondent will maintain services and staff related to case management services in Clay County – Circuit 4 and incorporate this county into their current infrastructure. The determination date for this EP has been scheduled for October 1, 2021. The final decision is not necessarily tied to the highest score or lowest cost. Kids First of Florida reserves the right to make a determination based on what is in the best interest of the agency.

Kids First of Florida will offer Provider staff located in KFF offices with at a minimum, a workspace, and when possible a private office, equipped with appropriate office furniture (desk, chair, filing cabinet etc.), desktop and office supplies (stapler, file folders, paper etc.) and a computer, and have reasonable access to shared office resources, such as, computer support, receptionist support, printers, fax machines and copiers.  KFF will provide cell phones for Provider FSC and FSC Supervisors. KFF’s funding for office supplies is limited. Unexpectedly high usage or special requests of office supplies by the Provider, which are not stocked by KFF, may result in the inability of KFF to meet those needs for the entire duration of the contract. KFF’s policies and procedures will need to be followed for client financial assistance and financial requests.


Emergency Procurement Response Requirements:

Proposals must provide responses to each of the following items providing narrative and, as needed, supporting documentation to demonstrate the respondent’s capabilities to take on case management services in Clay County.


  • Provide a letter of reference from providers current Community Base Care Lead Agency.


Past Practice and Performance

  • Describe your agency’s history of providing case management services in Florida, particularly with your agencies current Community Base Care Lead Agency.
  • Describe your agency’s quality assurance process/program identifying areas of strength and areas in need of improvement. Response must provide examples of actions taken to address areas in need of improvement and lessons learned.  Responses must also indicate how services in Clay County will be incorporated into the respondent’s existing quality assurance structure, activities and oversight and must describe what new activities and oversight might need to occur as a result of the agency taking on another service area/county.


  • Provide agency’s current budget and corresponding budget related to additional revenue and expenses related to the addition of the new county and staff. Provide narrative to describe the budget changes and how the changes will be made.  Budget must provide details for salaries, benefits, etc.

Retention Plan

KFF expects that, with the exception of instances related to malfeasance or other terminable action, all current provider’s employees will be retained for a minimum of 90 days. Currently there are approximately 9 Family Service Counselors, 2 Family Service Counselor Supervisors and 1 Family Support Worker.

  • Describe your agency’s plan for:
    • Maintaining staff in their current positions and salaries or if changes are expected.
    • Retaining employees throughout this process.
    • Training newly acquired staff
    • Employee retention and recognition – All responses must address how the agency expects to incorporate employee retention and recognition during transition and into the future in an effort to minimize disruptions in services or delays in services due to vacancies.
    • Recruitment and filling of vacant positions

Transition Plan

Describe how your agency will handle the transfer of:

  • Staff and Management
  • Benefits – insurance – describe when insurance will begin for staff and plans for enrollment of staff into agency’s benefits program.
  • Leave – describe agency’s willingness to transfer leave or a portion of leave balances.
  • Coordination of Community Awareness – describe how the agency will notify the community of the changes in service providers and what messaging will be related to these changes and what impact the changes will have on the community.
  • Describe agency’s plans for updating websites, brochures, documents, and other mediums related to changes in the agency’s structure.


Questions can be addressed to the following individuals:


1. Irene M. Toto, LMHC, Chief Executive Officer

(904) 278 5644 Ext 2005



2. Kevin Davidson, Chief Financial Officer

(904) 278-5644 Ext 2006