Relative and Kin Connections Keep Families Strong - May is National Foster Care Month!

May is foster care month

There are over 407,000 children and youth in foster care across the country, and 34 percent were placed with relatives. Kinship care, in its various forms, is important in meeting the needs of children involved in the child welfare system. This year, National Foster Care Month focuses on how relative and kin connections keep families strong. When children cannot remain safely with their parents, we should prioritize placements with kin. Kinship care helps maintain family connections and cultural traditions that can minimize the trauma of family separation.

This year, National Foster Care Month is committed to highlighting the importance of relative and kinship care placements to maintain family and cultural connections. Acknowledging the unique role kinship caregivers play in working to achieve reunification for children and youth in foster care is a key factor in moving the system toward one that truly supports families.