Foster Family Appreciation Week – Introducing the Bryant Family

During Florida’s Foster Family Appreciation Week, we’re introducing some of our stellar foster parents here in Clay County. Introducing Janet and Frank Bryant!

Janet and Frank Bryant have been Foster Parents for 4 years in Clay County. We cannot say how much we appreciate the Bryants! They are on top of everything, transports whenever needed, calls the schools/doctors, and just really goes above and beyond. They are polite, quick to respond, and really does a great job with the kids. The Bryants recently accepted a sibling placement of two. The girl was ashamed of her body and image. Janet has really brought her under her wing and the child has shown a vast improvement with her confidence. Frank has done the same with the boy. He too was ashamed of his petite stature and Frank has been able to give him the positive father role model to boost the child’s confidence as well. Both children are now thriving in school, therapy, and are starting to feel comfortable talking about their past (which helps tremendously with their healing process)

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