Become a Foster Parent

Interested in Becoming a Foster Parent? KFF has an urgent need for foster homes, especially ones that can accommodate teenagers and sibling groups so that teenagers do not have to be placed in group homes and siblings do not have to be separated. One of the first steps to becoming a foster parent is to…

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5 Warning Signs That Your Child Might Have Diabetes

child getting finger stick for diabetes

Understanding Diabetes in Children and its Treatment Diabetes mellitus affects millions of children and adults worldwide. It is a life-long disease for which there is no cure as of yet, although many clinical trials are researching possible therapies. There are two types of diabetes, labeled type 1 and type 2, each having different mechanisms. In…

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Foster Care Mom Recalls The First Time She Got “The Call”

The licensing process was completed. Nursery decorated in a non-gender-specific jungle theme, ready to welcome a child into my home. The closet full of diapers, clothes, toys, books, and stuffed animals… I think I am ready, is what I told myself. May 15: The Call Comes In I decided to attend an extended family outing…

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Looking Out For Your Child’s Mental Health

kids playing on a bed

As a parent, you do your best to take care of your child. You make sure your child’s physical needs are met – nutritious food, a safe home, a proper education. But meeting your child’s mental, and emotional needs may not be as obvious. Good mental health helps children to think clearly, develop socially, and…

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20 Fun Summer Activity Ideas for Kids

3 kids playing on floor

Summer days stretch out before you, waiting to be filled with memory-making activities and games. But some days creative play ideas can be hard to come by. If you are drawing a blank when trying to come up with ideas, here are 20 easy-to-implement activities sure to make your summer day a fun one! Make…

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April is Child Abuse Prevention Month

report abuse

  During the month of April, Kids First of Florida joins with child advocates around the US to bring awareness to the problem of child abuse and neglect. We know that childhood trauma can cause lifelong physical and mental health problems. Together, we can help prevent child abuse and neglect. Recently, the Board of Commissioners…

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Reduce Your Family’s Food Waste (And Save Money)

8 Ways to Reduce Your Family’s Food Waste Each year, the average family squanders thousands of dollars on wasted food, throwing away approximately 25% of the fare that they purchase. Not only is this a waste of money, but it is also a waste of resources and leads to extra trash in landfills. Fortunately, there…

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