Let’s Get Ready For Back-To-School!

Back-To-School Tips For Parents & Caregivers It doesn’t matter if your child is getting ready for the first day of Kindergarten or the last year of high school, there is a lot to do. Getting back into the habit of routines for sleeping, making lunch, doing homework, etc. might take a little time. We have…

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Using Nature as a Summer Classroom

children with magnifying glasses out in nature

The summer months provide lots of down time to relax and recharge, but they also provide plenty of opportunities for learning. Want to get out in nature but also be able to teach something new to your kids? Here are some ideas for educational and creative activities you can do with children of varying ages…

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5 Warning Signs That Your Child Might Have Diabetes

child getting finger stick for diabetes

Understanding Diabetes in Children and its Treatment Diabetes mellitus affects millions of children and adults worldwide. It is a life-long disease for which there is no cure as of yet, although many clinical trials are researching possible therapies. There are two types of diabetes, labeled type 1 and type 2, each having different mechanisms. In…

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3 Exceptional Reasons to Become a Foster Parent

foster parent and child

There’s no better start in life than to be raised in a stable and loving family. Unfortunately, there are many thousands of children whose upbringings are very different, and who, for one reason or another, are part of the foster care system. If you’re in a position where you have the time and resources to…

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How To Add More Laughter To Your Life

parents and child playing

Laughter IS the Best Medicine! Did you know that laughing is great for your health? Some people describe laughter as the best medicine because it encourages you to breathe in more oxygen and energize organs such as the heart and lungs. What’s more, laughter increases the release of endorphins in your brain. Endorphins work to…

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Hate Spring Cleaning? Try These Ideas.

cleaning supplies

Spring Cleaning Tips for People Who Hate Cleaning Everyone likes spring, but not everybody loves spring cleaning.  If you consider yourself an unmotivated cleaner, organizer, or home maintenance person, you are not alone. Luckily, there are many spring cleaning hacks that you can use to make it look like you spent entire weekends cleaning up…

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Learning to Trust: A Poem Written by a Foster Child

Silhouette of lonely girl sitting

This poem was written by a young woman in foster care in Clay County who wanted to share her experience.    Social workers grab my hand and take me away From the first place i thought I was okay I try to refuse, but get in the car The worst thing is, it’s just so…

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Celebrating The Weaver Family During Foster Family Appreciation Week

weaver family

As we wrap up Foster Family Appreciation Week, we would like to introduce you to the Weaver Family. Joy and Allen are one of our veteran foster families. The Weaver’s front door may need some extra WD-40 because they have become the go-to home for our emergency/respite placements. Whenever a child needs a place to…

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Foster Family Appreciation Week: Introducing the Sabols

photo of the Sabol family

Heather and Jesse’s home should be known as the “Fuller House” of Clay County. Their beds are always occupied, and their door is always open! Heather and Jesse accept these children with open arms and advocate for them from the start. Heather and Jesse are among the most patient and understanding foster families we have…

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Foster Family Appreciation Week: Meet The Frazier Family

photo of the Frazier Family, who are foster parents in clay county

The Fraziers are newly licensed, but they have hit the ground running. Their first placement came to them with unprecedented mandates made by the court, but they handled it like champs. Although it wasn’t the easiest, they stayed strong while working with the biological parents and the children were successfully reunified with their family! They…

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