Learning to Trust: A Poem Written by a Foster Child

Silhouette of lonely girl sitting

This poem was written by a young woman in foster care in Clay County who wanted to share her experience. 


Social workers grab my hand and take me away

From the first place i thought I was okay

I try to refuse, but get in the car

The worst thing is, it’s just so far

From what I used to call my home

Where I thought it was safe to roam

Never trust again

Throughout the rest of my cheer

Bad news starts to appear

We would never go back to our parents

And my feelings burst out, a strong wave of currents

I told you not to trust again!!

And soon I’m put into another family

But this time I’m happy and I don’t flee

But when it comes to a new school, there is nowhere I belong

Everything I did, just felt so wrong

I have to trust them!!

Not one word to my friends or soon to be family…goodbye

They told me the news and I started to cry

We can’t adopt you they gulped and sighed

My daughter and I were hand in hand, “we are not mad” we replied

Trusting failed again!!!

We go to another FAMILY, now ten kids in all

It was hard to manage and my Daughter had started to fall

Back to the horrible days

All the colors I had earned turned into grays

I'll never trust again!!!!

I also had great depression

But I could hold back my angry aggression

Month after month I started to heal

Which I thought in the beginning was somewhat unreal

Trusting again???!!

Soon it was time to get adopted once more

All hope is in my face, they slam the door

But the news came as an unpleasant surprise

I’ll Never trust again

But just like the others

I was rejected even further

After a few more houses

A woman in glasses

Welcomed me into her lovely home

Trusting again???!!

Soon it was time to get adopted once more

All hope is in my face, they don’t slam the door

But when the news came as a pleasant surprise

Have to trust them?

They have four amazing sons

And who I’m close to, we have lots of fun

Then on my birthday they sat me on the couch

They all look shy and I nervously slouch

Nervous to trust??!!

They show me a video saying

“Will you be a Martin and the baby too” I've been praying

This was the happiest of all my days

A dream come true, a Christmas wish

Whoever knew I could feel like this

I will always trust them!

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