Celebrating The Weaver Family During Foster Family Appreciation Week

weaver family

As we wrap up Foster Family Appreciation Week, we would like to introduce you to the Weaver Family. Joy and Allen are one of our veteran foster families. The Weaver’s front door may need some extra WD-40 because they have become the go-to home for our emergency/respite placements. Whenever a child needs a place to…

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Foster Family Appreciation Week: Introducing the Sabols

photo of the Sabol family

Heather and Jesse’s home should be known as the “Fuller House” of Clay County. Their beds are always occupied, and their door is always open! Heather and Jesse accept these children with open arms and advocate for them from the start. Heather and Jesse are among the most patient and understanding foster families we have…

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Foster Family Appreciation Week: Meet The Frazier Family

photo of the Frazier Family, who are foster parents in clay county

The Fraziers are newly licensed, but they have hit the ground running. Their first placement came to them with unprecedented mandates made by the court, but they handled it like champs. Although it wasn’t the easiest, they stayed strong while working with the biological parents and the children were successfully reunified with their family! They…

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Foster Family Appreciation Week: Meet The Elsberry Family

photo of the Elsberry Family, who are foster parents with Kids First

  The second week of February is celebrated as Foster Family Appreciation Week in Florida. This week we want to introduce you to some of our fantastic foster families. One of our Kids First caseworkers describes the Elsberry Family this way: This is by far one of the best foster families I’ve worked with during…

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