Celebrating Foster Family Appreciation Week: Introducing the Padilla Family

photo of foster parents the Padilla family

The Padillas are among our foster families for teens, and they continuously go the extra mile. Lisa Padilla goes above and beyond for children placed in their home by helping them get the services they need, showing them skills that will benefit them in the Independent Living Program, and loving them individually just as they are. They have done exceptionally well with supporting the girls currently living in their home, as well as teens in the past, and more recent short-term placements. Ms. Padilla’s drive and desire to help the children -- not only in her care but others if she can -- is a large part of the reason we appreciate this family. Her husband, Joe, is Lisa’s biggest support, which in turn gives her the push to advocate effectively. We are so thankful to have them as part of our KFF Family and appreciate everything they do, and continue to do, for some of our more difficult placements!

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