How To Add More Laughter To Your Life

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Laughter IS the Best Medicine!

Did you know that laughing is great for your health? Some people describe laughter as the best medicine because it encourages you to breathe in more oxygen and energize organs such as the heart and lungs. What's more, laughter increases the release of endorphins in your brain. Endorphins work to relieve pain and stress in the body. Laughing also encourages the release of neuropeptides, which benefit the immune system.   

Are you stressed out? Could your batteries use a little recharging? Do you need more laughter in your life? Here are 10 things you can do to ensure you laugh a little more each day:  

Visit a Comedy Club  

If you could use a good laugh, visit a comedy club to see a funny comedian. Most major cities have at least one or two comedy clubs. When you visit a comedy club regularly, you are sure to find at least one comedian who can make you laugh with their jokes, anecdotes, and mannerisms. Once you find some comedians you like, go to see them regularly. Frequent visits to watch your favorite comedians will provide you with more laughter in your life.   

Read Amusing Novels  

Is reading something you enjoy? If so, consider visiting your local bookstore to buy a humorous novel at least once a month. You can either go to a brick-and-mortar bookstore or purchase books online. Of course, humor is subjective. Thus, it might take you a while to find an author whose work makes you laugh. However, you are sure to find novels that tickle your funny bone if you keep reading.   

Watch Funny Movies and TV Shows  

It's well worth buying a monthly subscription to a streaming service such asNetflixor Amazon Primeto access comedy movies and TV shows whenever you wish. Having easy access to comedy shows and films means you can cheer yourself up with laughter whenever necessary. Instant access to laughter whenever you need it is invaluable.   

Make Time for Your Funniest Friends and Family Members  

Do you have friends and family members who always manage to make you laugh and raise your vibrations? If you have funny friends and loved ones, make time for them as often as you possibly can. Being around people who bring you joy and laughter is excellent for your mental and physical health.   

Read Funny Articles  

Humorous literature does not begin and end with comedy novels. You'll find funny articles on a wide range of topics in newspapers, magazines, and all over the internet. Of course, you will not laugh at every amusing article you find. However, you are sure to find some that make you laugh if you take the time to look.  

Turn Off the News   

The news is very rarely funny. Most news programs focus on negative stories that instill a sense of fear and stress in people who watch them. If you would rather be happy and fill your life with laughter, turn the news off for the majority of the time and catch up with world events once a week instead of every day. You might find that taking your mind off negative and depressing stories in the media and deliberately focusing on amusing and light-hearted pastimes will do a lot to improve your mental health.  

Steer Clear of Social Media  

Social media is also full of negative news stories that can get you down. For that reason, you should try to limit the time you spend on social media. Stop checking your social media news feed as soon as you wake up. Instead, talk to your family members. Share amusing anecdotes with your loved ones and ask them what funny things have happened in their lives lately. Alternatively, visit a website that is dedicated to humor and avoid doom and gloom.   

Make Others Laugh on Purpose  

When you cannot find anything amusing to laugh at, why not be the source of amusement? Encouraging the people around you to laugh might end up making you giggle at their laughter. Sometimes the sound of a hearty belly laugh from someone else is all it takes to give you the giggles. Furthermore, making others laugh on purpose is an act of kindness.   

Be Observant  

Instead of focusing on your smartphone and things that happen online, take the time to observe the world around you. When you focus on the real world, you are sure to see amusing things. For instance, you might catch the disgruntled expression on a stranger's face after a bird poops on them or see a self-entitled kid drop his ice cream. If you want to laugh more, take the time to observe the world around you.   

Find Excuses  

Some days are more entertaining than others. When you encounter a dull and uneventful day, find excuses to laugh with the people you love. Do or say something amusing on purpose. If you find reasons to laugh whenever you can, so will the people surrounding you. In truth, most people love a good laugh.   

Have Fun!

Hopefully, following the tips described in this article will bring more laughter to your life, improve your overall health, and reduce your stress levels. That way, hard days will be a little more tolerable. Whatever you do, always try to have a bit of a giggle. You will never regret laughing and having fun.   



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