Foster Parent Appreciation Week – The Mancosh Family

If there were photos in the dictionary next to “Foster Parent”, Mary Jo and Don would have earned that spot! Their home has a revolving door with placements over the years,  but they make relationships with each child. To this day, they still stay in contact with earlier children whom they fostered, and have even been involved in a wedding or two. Just recently a child in their home became severely ill. Without question, they took them to the hospital and haven’t left their side since. Many blood transfusions, specialist appointments, scary diagnoses, and ongoing treatment followed the hospital visit. Not once has Mary Jo or Don faltered. Don is known to stay bedside with the child, notebook in hand to make sure not one detail goes unnoticed. Mary Jo holds down the fort at home with the other children while Don attends the doctor appointments. We are so fortunate to have foster parents like them within our network.

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